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Are you gay?
Are you? (e)

1. Have you ever had feelings about the same sex?
Yes, because i am gay and proud of it!
i think i have, not sure
no i love the oppisite gender
i hate gays its disgusting
2. Have you ever kissed the same sex?
Yes all the time
no but i have thought about it
no never but i dont mind gays kissing
eeww no thats disgusting!!
once or twice
3. Have you ever been turned on by the same sex?
yes, of course i have
maybe.......scared to say anything (thats ok dont worry about it =])
no only the oppisite sex
that is disgusting, freaks!!
4. Are you male or female?
5. How do you feel about gays?
i am one!!
i like them....alot i think
i love them but am not gay
They will all burn in hell!
Gays are hot!!
Gays are cute, make great friends
i hate gays soooo much!!!

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Created on:1/7/2008 3:41:28 PM
Made by:Xxemo_mcrxX

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