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What Gangster are you?
Find out if your Gangsta or Mafioso

1. What is more important to you?
Making a lot of money!
Having a loyal crew!
Avoiding heat!
Having other crews respect me!
Staying away from snitches!
Looking good!
2. What do you do if some wiseguy disrespects you in a public place?
Fight them right then and there!
Kill them immediately!
Disrespect them back and forget about it.
Wait until they try to leave then kill them!
Take over thier neighborhood and get all thier money.
Wait a few days and make an example out of them!
3. What would you do if someone in your crew was a snitch?
Whack em!
Try to figure out what they said.
Sell out to save myself.
Feed them fake information to mess with the police.
Whack the cop he gave the information too.
4. How would you controll your crew?
Clip them if they get outta line!
Show them how to make a lot of cash.
Let them know I respect them.
5. What would you do if the police were questioning you?
Sell out!
Tell them enough to get myself out of trouble but not enough to send anyone to jail.
Forget the english language.
Tell them your not talking.
Call my lawyer.
6. Would you rather...
Make 1 million bucks off of someone once.
Make 10 thousand off of someone every week.
7. Its smarter too.....
Get as much money as you can and be a little greedy while you can.
Share your money equally with your crew.
Dont be greedy....But dont be too genorous!
8. If the don was making a lot of mistakes you would....
Whack him and take over!
Not say anything and wait until someone handled it.
Talk about it with the rest of the guys and see what they wanted to do.
9. I would rather have.....
50 guys with guns who are not smart or loyal.
10 guys with guns that were very smart and very loyal.
No one. I only need myself.
25 guys with guns. I dont care how smart or loyal they are as long as they follow orders!
10. If a police officer saw you comit a crime you would?
Bribe him.
Whack him.
Threaten him.
11. Would you buy...
1st quality apples for $3.00
2nd rate apples for 2.00
3rd rate apples for 75 cents.
12. Whats your favorite color?
13. What kind of gun would you rather own?
14. One of your crew members disagrees with you in public. What do you do?
Hit him
Whack him.
Tell him to stop talking.
15. If someone in your crew whacked someone with out permission you would...
Kill em
Fine him.
Kick him out of your crew.
16. If you were asked to go on a T.V. show would you do it?
17. If the FBI offered you a deal where they bought you a home, protected you and gave you a lot of money and did not charge you with a crime would you snitch?
I wouldent like it but yes.
Sure no problem.
No way!
I dont know!
18. What would you do if another crew had better apples then you?
Steal them!
Search for better apples.
Try to work for them.
19. If you completes a task that you did not want to do what would you do with the money?
Refuse to take it.
Take the money and forget it.
Take the money and let it be known that I will never do it again.
20. Is the crime worth the time?
Hell yea!!!!!!!!
No Way!!!!!!!!!

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