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What Game Should You 100% Next?
Find out which game you should complete next based on your gaming history!

1. What`s your ideal vibe for playing a game?
Something relaxed, no pressure.
A game I can mindlessly grind for hours on end.
Something intense and difficult.
Something engaging but not terribly difficult.
An immersive and story driven experience
2. Which of these games would you prefer to play?
God of War
Tomb Raider
Rainbow Six Siege
Halo 5
Fallout 4
3. How much of a gamer do you consider yourself?
I play at least 20 hours a week.
I`m sort of casual.
I definitely enjoy playing whenever I get a chance.
4. Which of these is most important to you in a game?
Strategy and logic
A well thought out story
Hours upon hours of material
Lots of upgrades and weapons
Multiplayer options
5. Are the music and sound options important?
I usually play with the sound off.
Absolutely, a good soundtrack can really enhance the experience.
To an extent, it`s not a make or break deal for me however.
6. Which console do you own?
Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Retro Consoles
7. Finally, how good are you at playing games?
I`d say I`m average.
I`m pretty good, if I do say so myself.
The absolute best.
Definitely not the best.

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