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Which Gallagher Girl are you?
Quiz name says it all

1. The bad guy is standing between you and your friends. What do you do?
Act like a chameleon, practically disappear, and save your friend!
Fight the bad guy and save your friend!
Give him mathematical equations until he falls asleep, and save your friend!
Let your inner adorable girl come out, get him away, and save your friend!
Freak out and run away
2. You`re inside the school walls. How do you entertain yourself?
Explore, duh
Practice your fighting skills
Homework. Let`s get it done!
Walk around, totally bored
3. The code red signal goes off!!!! Where are you?
You were most likely the one who set it off.
Trying to find who set it off
Helping others get out
Running away, and probably already 10 miles away from school
4. What is your favorite class?
Anything hands on, basically
Some kind of art
You hate school
5. Oh. My. Gosh. You`re doing a physical pop quiz, and down the street is the hottest boy ever! You...
Try to avoid him, but he comes up to you
Flirt, but keep your distance
Go up to him, meet him, get to know him
Run away. You`re scared of boys.
6. Just for fun, what`d you think of the quiz?
Totally amazing!

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Created on:3/14/2010 3:34:57 PM
Made by:paramorebud

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