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funny pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hgjhffjgf bgthjytr ghtrdejhd

1. kgkuyjyutjytruytruytruytr
why would you
i want one
thats me in the morning when my alarm clock goes off
2. this is my dad when i take the last cookie
myne too
looks like horse but
looks like fat albert when the news reported snacks were iligal
3. gfgngnv
me too!!!!
yep. definetly my cat.
stop impersinating barak obama!!!!!!
4. me when i heard the the empire state building was made of bacon
hardy har har
nah, thats my dog when she hears herself fart

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Created on:3/14/2014 9:25:20 PM
Made by:mzaso517

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