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Are you fun?
See if your a fun person or just plain boring. (e)

1. When your at a party what do you do.
dance and/or talk to people
jump off the balcony
I don`t go to parties
2. Your friends want to play a prank on someone but don`t know who they should choose. Who do you suggests?
One of your friends
Your mom
Your teacher
You don`t have friends or tell them pranks are for little kids
3. When you host a party about how many people come
About your whole school
about half your school
Thousands even people you don`t even know
10 or less, I don`t have parties
4. Do you ever yell out for no reason
yes all the time
yea sometimes
of course, who doesn`t

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Created on:12/11/2007 5:08:35 PM
Made by:tntmax

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