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What fruit are you?
I like fruit.

1. Someone says a joke to you but it isn`t that funny. How do you reply?
I laugh. I don`t want to hurt their feelings!
Just stay quiet. Don`t laugh, don`t be mean.
Tell them that the joke was awful then walk away.
I`m probably the one that said the joke. I`m always telling jokes!
2. What is your label at school?
The popular one. Oh yeah!!
The shy one.
I`m just a "normal". I don`t stand out, I just fit in.
the bully!! >_<
The ultra-kind one, always holding doors open for people and picking up books that fall.
3. Pick a color. Not your favorite, but the one that describes you the most.
Yellow: Fun, happy, hyper.
Red, loving and kind.
Blue, I`m shy and have trouble sticking up for myself.
Black, because I`m a meany!
None of these describe me.
4. What kind of books do you read?
Self-help books.
Magazines mostly.
I don`t read. Waste of time.
5. Do you volunteer?
Yes I do! With a couple things, actually.
Maybe once. I don`t know...
No. I`m too shy. But I would if I was more outgoing.
NO!!!!! That`s at the bottom of my "things-to-do" list.
6. Some rude-looking guy comes up to you and steals your doughnut!!
Laugh. I don`t let the little things bother me.
I`ll be upset, but maybe he`s hungry too. He can have it...
I want to get it back soo much, but I`m too afraid too.
I`m the one that stole it duh!
Tell him to give it back!
7. Choose a face that you like the most!!
8. Choose a face that you like the most!!
9. Do you take interest in the latest styles and fashions?
Yes, anything to fit in.
No, I`m independent and my own person.
Haha I`m the one that invents the awesome new styles.
10. So what`d you think of the quiz?
It was GREAT!!!!!
It was OK....

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Created on:6/16/2008 2:24:56 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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