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What kind of fruit would you be  quiz. Find out which fruit matches your personalitiy   you think you know  but this quiz will let you know for shizzle  e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of fruit would you be?
Find out which fruit matches your personalitiy...you think you know, but this quiz will let you know for shizzle (e)

1. You had a terrible day at work/school. Your friend wants you to come over and hang out, you really just want to take a hot bubble bath and forget about your day. What do you do?
Take a quick shower and go to her house, you can at least tell her about your day
Tell her you had a bad day and you just want to be by yourself tonight, but thanks for the offer
Tell her no thanks, we`ll talk tomorrow, when she asks what`s wrong, you say nothing and hang up
You tell her that you had a bad day, you`re gonna take a bath and she can come over to watch movies
2. You just find out that your boyfriend/girlfriend of two years has been cheating on you for a year and half, how you you react?
Easy, kill him/her.
Cry and tell him/her you`ll change, you promise just don`t leave you!
You tell him/her it`s ok, you understand, then go and kill his/her other woman/man
You`re upset, hey, you loved him/her, but you get on with your life and realize you`re better off
3. What is your favorite kind of food?
Sweet and Sour chicked, chinese of course
Anything sweet...candy, cakes, puddin`, chocolate, ect
Lobster tail, crab legs, shrimp, ect
4. Which celeb would you rather meet in person?
Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Hilary Duff
Paris Hilton
5. If someone you didn`t even know told you that they didn`t like you, what would your reaction be?
That`s ok because I don`t even know you
That`s ok because I heard you were a b!tch anyway and I never liked you
Say, why not? What did I ever do to you??
Say, ok. You don`t need them
6. Which kind of house would you rather live in?
A classic house, white picket fence and all
An apartment loft that would be perfect for you to do your art work
A big mansion, the bigger the better, you want the best things in life
An average sized house, you`re not too picky
7. Which of thes movie genres do you prefer?
8. What color is your hair?
Your natural color
Your natural color with dyed highlights
You dye your hair blond, but not the slutty blond, cute blond
I change my color about one a month or more, it`s hard to tell what my natural color is
9. What kind of clothes do you wear?
Just your typical tshirt and jeans
Jeans with you cute top, such as a halter top
I usually wear a cute skirt and shirt
I normally wear a short skirt with a halter top or something like that
10. Last but not least, what did you think of this quiz?
I thought it was well organized and I liked it
There was too much to read and I thought it was ok
I really liked it and I`m sitting on he edge of my seat wondering what fruit I am
I thought it sucked

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Created on:4/7/2007 3:42:52 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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