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What friend are you? (tv show Friends)
Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey? Play on to find out. It's quite predictable but play anyway!

1. What`s your love life like?
WE WERE ON A BREAK! It`s complicated really....
I`m happily married.
It`s very successful thanks.
I met the man of my dreams in the end.
2. What are you scared of?
Dirty houses.
Commitment. Or Janice.
Sandwiches running out.
Nothing really.
3. What are your intrests/hobbies?
I like running.
Fashion mainly.
Cleaning and cooking.
Making jokes.
Going on dates.
4. What`s the most embarrassing thing you`ve done?
A fake tan that went wrong.
Someone drew all over me.
Someone once told me my running style was embarrasing. I though it was ok.
When i was fat was an embarrasing peroid of my life.
I can`t really think of anything that bad.
5. What was your childhood like?
I was treated like a princess.
6. Describe your best friend...
He`s always owes me money.
He always lends me money.
We`ve been friends for ages.
She used to be fat,
He`s a funny guy.
7. Where would your ideal holiday destination be?
Somewhere with museums.
Paris. The fashion capital of the world.
Somewhere where my hair wouldn`t get affected by the humidity.
London baby!
Anywhere with my friends.
8. How many children do you have?
None. But maybe in the future.
I don`t want any.
I have twins.
I have one girl.
I have a boy and a girl...........with different woman.
9. Do you have any hidden talents?
I tried to knot a cherry stem with my tounge once. But i choked.
I can play the keyboard and the bagpipes.
I`m a great cook.
I can drink a pint of milk in 10 seconds.
I`m quite good at table tennis.
I can put my legs behind my head.
10. What do you do for a living?
I`m in showbuissness.
I`m in the fashion industry.
I work in a museum.
I work in a kitchen.
I dunno. Something to do with numbers and sometimes advertising.
I`m a massuse.

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