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What type of friend are you
Do you think your a bad friend

1. FIRST do you thing you are good to your friends?
Hell YES i know i am
YES but not the best
NOPE i wanna kill all my friends
IDK thats why im taking this quiz duh..
2. If one of your best friend was in the hospital and the biggest party of the year was the same day and you promised your friend you were going to be with them the whole time. Would you go to the party anyways?
Hell yea il leave them they will unnderstand
Il tell him/her i couldnt go and make an excusse
NOPE i wont leave them a promise is a promise
3. Oh no your friend just stole your favorite jeans. What do you do?
Kick there b hind and take them back
ask for them nicely that you want them back
Take them back without telling them
Oh well buy a new pair
4. Have you ever thought of punching one of your closest friends? (me:dont worry i have)
Hell yea all the time
5. If you and your friend liked the same guy/girl what do you do?
Aww hell no hes/shes mine!!! Tell them to back off!
Go up to him/her and start telling him/her mean thing about your friend
Tell your friend that you really like this person and hopefully they back off
Its just a crush o well do nothing at all
6. You and you bf/gf have a date and you had forgotten that you and you friend were going to go shopping that same day what do you do?
Tell my friend that you have a date and you cant make it
Take your bf/gf to the mall and meet your friend there after your date
umm.. lie to both of them and just stay at home
7. How many time have you left you friend hanging when you had plans with them?
8. Are you going to rate or comment my quiz?
9. Are you going to rate or comment my quiz?

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Created on:6/5/2008 11:46:57 AM
Made by:crazycrazzi

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