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What Kind Of Friend Are You?
Find Out If You A Good Friend Or A Bad Friend

1. Your Crush Finally Asked You Out, But You Have Plans With Your Best Friend, What Do You Do?
You Tell Your Crush That You Already Have Plans Maybe You Guys Can Go Out Abother Time.
You Ask Your Friend Nicely If You Can Cancel The Plans You Can Do Stuff Together Anytime
You Tell Her That You`re Cancelling Without A Reason
You Don`t Tell Her Anything And Just Go He Asked You Out You`re Not Cancelling On Him!
2. You`re Invited To The Party Of The Year, But The Person Who Invited You Doesn`t Want Your Friend To Come, What Do You Do?
Bring Her Anyway!
Don`t Go At All
Go And Make Up An Excuse So You Can Go
3. Your Friends Ex Asked You Out, What Do You Tell Him?
Tell Him No. It Wouldn`t Be Right
Tell Maybe Some Other Time
Tell Him Yeah You Will But Keep It On The Down Low
Tell Him Yes She Deserves To Crushed
4. You Find Out Your Friends Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her, Do You Tell Her?
Of Course She Deserves To Know
No Because I`m The One He`s Cheating On Her With

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Created on:7/9/2007 9:17:35 AM
Made by:EmoShelbie

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