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What kind of friend are you  quiz. Everyone has friends  But to that one person  what kind of friend are you to them Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What kind of friend are you?
Everyone has friends. But to that one person, what kind of friend are you to them?

1. To start off, think of a friend of yours. Someone in your life..... thought of someone? Good. Because this quiz is going to be based on... you and them.
keep going...
yes, get on with it!!
2. What is your favourite activity to do with them?
anything! I love doing any activity with my best friend.
something active. Sport or something.
something creative!
comedy :D
Anything they want to do... <3
chill. Chat about stuff.
I dont really mind.
I don`t think this person doesn`t want t do anything with me.
3. Where do you like to go with this person?
we go loads of places! Sometimes we go where I like, sometimes we go where they like!
candy shop!
museums, galleries,
lets go to a show!
anywhere they want to go... <3
chilling at their house or my house.
I woudn`t really go to stuff with them.
4. You were invited to a party but this person was not because they are not liked by them. What do you do?
Not go! Why would I go to a party without them??
I would go, have the time of my life then never tell them.
Find a solution.
go to the party then go home and tell them the truth but say you didn`t even like it anyway.
Just go to the party but tell them months later, can`t be bothered dealing with this stuff atm.
Just go to the party and not worry about them. Why did I need to in the first place?
Just go and never tell them. I can keep a secret!
5. This person has met another person and is not hang out with you as much. What do you do?
They replaced me?! I cant believe it...
I go nuts! I am not jealous though...
I find a creative solution that will let us all hang out together :)
I charm my way into their new friend and BOOM! We`re all friends.
As long as there`s nothing special going on between them...
eh, I have other friends. Besides, if they want to be my friend again, they can just come to me! NBD
make a plan >:) Or... just talk to them about how I feel.
Thank god. Now they can stop bugging me...phew....
I just ignore them until they decide I`m better.
It`s ok, it`s just another friend :)
6. How long have you known this person?
My whole life! We`re soulmates!
a year or two. But they`re still my BETS FRIEND!
A few months. But I think we`re good.
maybe 3-4 weeks? It may not be long, but I can feel a good relationship!
Awhile. But you never said how long have you been FRIENDS with this person. In that case, never.
I"ve known this person fro a while, But then again, I have friends that I`ve known for longer so....
7. They tell you a secret and tell you never to tell anyone, but you are dying to tell someone!! What do you do??
Never tell a soul. It`s the right thing to do. I want them to truse me!
Ok... I`ll tell ONE person... its just one person, what could possibly go wrong!
Pfffff, as if I`d keep a secret like that. Ill blow it on half an hour!
As if they`d tell me anything like that.
8. You find a band and you are in love with their music! You show them, and they say that is the worst thing they have ever heard! What do you say?
If they don`t like it, I don`t like it!
Say oh, ok. That`s ok! We all have our opinions!
Why would I show them it in the first place
Say at least they know when to turn the radio off! LOL!!!

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