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Which "Friend" are you?
Find out what "Friends" character you are.

1. If your friend was just dumped how do you help them?
Offer to take them to the strip club
Bake them cookies and attend to their every need
Set them up with someone else
Talk it over with them
Have a séance and burn everything they ever got from them
Make jokes to help them feel better
2. What were/are you like in school?
The Popular Kid
The Nerdy Kid
The Class Clown
The Jock
The Oddball
The Good Student
3. What would your dream job involve?
Art/ Music
4. How many siblings do you have?
2 Sisters
1 sister and a half brother
1 brother
1 sister
no siblings
to many siblings to count
5. What colour hair do you have?
Light Brown
Dark Brown
None of the above
6. What is your favourite past-time?
Playing Guitar
Watching T.V.
7. Which of these situations would most likely happen to you?
Get Divorced
Run out on your wedding day
Date someone your friends hate
Remember your past life
Have your face on a billboard
Live in your grandmothers apartment

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Created on:4/2/2007 8:25:46 PM
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