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Four Friends training quiz 2
Hi! Again be sure to take quiz 1 before this

1. Ok you need to take quiz 1 before you take this quiz.....
I did!
I will!
2. And if you don`t get your creature for a outcome...well sorry I`ll try to make it the same as I could....
I don`t care!
3. Ok your first you need to know the basics of Dormorn, there are two sides light and dark (duh) I Inferno is a werewolf fighting for the light, the evil h*ll wolf Isron is leader of dark his armies are grizzlesnouts large wart hog with weapons
I don`t really care
4. There are ten grizzlesnouts heading this way with all swords try to kill them
Sure!!! I`ll feel the blood on my paws
Er.....I might...I might not
Ok not a battle fan but I`ll try!
NO!!! Battle scares me!
SURE! Killing time
I guess maybe I`ll kill you instead (you wouldn`t dare!)
Ok...I will
Heck no!
5. The first grizzlesnout is in sight he`s charging at you. What do you do?
Charging and jump over him and slide my claws down his back
Charge right at him (right at the wepon more like it lol)
Run at full speed then turn right and rip at his legs
Run at him and use my horns to knock his sword out of his hands they kill him
Fly away
Jump at him and tie his weapon with my chains then use it against him
Just jump at him
6. He`s dead but the next two are coming together. What do you do?
SRam one`s legs making him trip and drop his weapon then before he can take in with my teethandkill
Growl and leap at one of them
Charge and jump at him getting the weapon with my teeth then kick him which makes him drop theweapon
Stand still and hope for the best
Wip one with my tail then smash the other with my powerful hind legs
Charge and don`t look up
Run at them ripp their legs apart they can`t kill me when they can`t walk
7. Four are coming but you have your magic what do you do?
Turn into fire and leap at them burning them to death
I`d just rather be normal
Summon a storm then blow them far away never to be heard from again
Drop the earth below them so they fall into nothing
Summon a flood to drown them
8. The last three are coming at full speed they are to close your panicing what do you do?
Turn into a furry so mad that will destory them
Wait to die
Use my lazer eyes to destory them last second
Use time control so that sends them back further
Run through them and then further away so I can thing out my next plan
9. They are all dead! Congrats but this is only your training you really want a fight stay tuned for quiz 3!
Er...this sucked
10. Ok finally what creature was your outcome on the last quiz?
Black Dog
Jersey Devil

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Times Taken:1,997
Created on:5/10/2009 7:28:55 PM
Made by:inferno4444

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