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Fortune Teller
What will happen to you tomorrow?

1. Okay, i see that you are waiting at your house there are choices you can go by...
You could call up a friend and go out to eat or dance
You could call up you bf or gf and see if they would like to have a date today
You could just plop on your couch and see what is on
Sneak into your brother/sister`s room, put an egg in their hand and tickle their nose. *SPLAT* yell
2. I see now that you are at a see someone you reconize, these are your choices on what to do...
You walk to them and say hi mind if you want to hang out
You ask them "wanna b at my place, i got the movies and popcorn"
You say "hey wanna pick on my brother/sister over there? they are easy 2 scare"
You say " hey u want 2 hang out with me & my friend? She/he`s not here right now & i`m waiting 4 thm
3. I see...that this is the last question...I`m seeing you liked my quiz...yes?
eh, not as fun as picking on my brother/sister.
Yeah, i like it. Could you hold on i am waiting for someone
Hey it was good but...i have to go
Sick quiz, dude! Hey you wanna watch One Missed Call with me?

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Times Taken:2,295
Created on:5/13/2008 11:57:00 AM
Made by:vampfairy137

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