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For Guys Only quiz. A really short quiz to see if you are the one      e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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For Guys Only
A really short quiz to see if you are the one... (e)

1. Its all in the hair that tells me if your the one..what do you have?
No hair
Blond Dreadlocks
Brown/Black Dreadlocks
Shaggy Brown hair--kinda thick
Shaggy Blond hair
Short brown/blond hair/other
2. Whats color are your eyes..?
A brilliant blue!
Eyes??? I dont have eyes...
Deep Brown
3. Whats your skin like?..if you dont have freckles just pick option six or five..
Tan, smooth, and freckles
Pale with freckles but not smooth
Pale, smooth, freckles
Oily and not smooth at all
No freckles, but im hot..i dont have oily skin either..
4. Out of these choices, what are you...? Plz. be honest.
Great sense of humor...can make anyone laugh...really easily too!
Sporty and Muscular
Gossipy, but popular
Everyone hates me...
I like school, homework, and books...hate sports
Im smart, make people laugh all the time, popular and sporty too..!
5. Where would you take me for a first date? (just pick one)
a movie
i`d be going out with your cuz I just asked you to the prom...!
my bedroom... ;-)
a bar
dinner and to the opera...
to an amusment park!
to eat food with me while wathing tv
6. Are you... (pick one..doesnt affect outcome by much)
Short ;)
LOUD but fun and caring
Self Absorbed
Hate random comments

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Created on:1/4/2008 7:15:47 PM
Made by:floridababe5

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