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What football quarterback are you?
See what quarterback are you like.

1. What is more important to you in a game?
Passing yards
Rushing yards
Defeating the Foe
Setting a new record
Becoming the mvp
2. What is best thing that you posses in QB
Accurate Passes
Quick Legs
Winning With any Teamate(s)
Winning most of the games
Passing evrybody stats in the game
Strong arm
3. Your Happiest moment as a QB would be...
Winning the SuperBowl
Breaking a record
Have a huge winning streak
4. Best thing that could happen in a game would be
Throwing a long bomb
Scramble for a big gain
Leading the stats in the game
Become the player of the game
Throw big touchdowns
Throw a good completion in tight coverage
5. How would you make a fourth quarter come back?
Throwing a long bomb
Rushing and getting out of bounds
Quick screens for big gains
6. The thing your most afraid of in the game
Booed by a crowd
Having bad stats
Not been able to have a great rushing game

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