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Following the Storm Clouds Part    quiz. Thanx for those who have been reading my series  Sorry this one is reeeeally late  blame other websites   Those who said I had to make my series private      I don t see a real reason to do so  Thanx for reading Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Following the Storm Clouds Part. 4
Thanx for those who have been reading my series. Sorry this one is reeeeally late (blame other websites). Those who said I had to make my series private, ... I don't see a real reason to do so. Thanx for reading!

1. Chelsey narrowed her eyes at the person in front of her. The one-black eyed version of her came forward, only a foot away from her face and pushed her into a wall. Chelsey looked down to see a long blade in her gut, drops of scarlet dripping...
O_O omg! Her evil version is mean!!
booooring >_> Me: <_<
2. "You fool... you could at least try and fight a Tamu for once! I`m inside watching as you let your friend do all the work!" Chelsey`s dark side growled, digging the sword deeper. Chelsey wilted forward from pain.
I-I-Is she g-gonna live??
Just kill her already! Me: ... *puts hand on sheath*
3. "Ivan wants to help. I don`t see a reason for him to not help me while I still need to train". Chelsey looked up with both eyes completely black. Her dark side did the same thing, except the eye with the scar gained a slitted red middle.
Is that a weird power of their`s??
blah blah blah this. blah blah th- Me: *wraps cloth around mouth with rubber ball in mouth*
4. "You can`t beat me... You have to listen to me to live on through these desperate times... don`t disobey". The dark side had a dark aura surround her, warning Chelsey. She moved away, knwoing that the dark side was right. She closed her eyes, waking.
wow.... I wouldn`t want to be treated like a pet >_<
... Me: You can`t talk sucker! *pokes forehead*
5. Chelsey opened her eyes to see she was in a hotel room, still in her navy blue wind breaker, dark, ripped, grass stained jeans, and mud dried sneakers. Ivan sat on the window sill, looking out at the small town they were now in.
*relieved sigh* She lived.... That`s good to hear.
*rips off cloth and spits out ball* eww... that stupid rubber taste is in my mouth now!! Me: *sighs*
6. The two of them slept on opposite sides on the room, Ivan in shadows in the corner, and Chelsey in the moonlight. Her hair that has recently been dyed, was now back to it`s natural colour, auburn with some added light blue streaks in the bangs.
weird... I like moonlight though ^^
Me: Before you say anything, I`m doing this... *throws rocks down hole* ^_^
7. The next morning, both of them went to the markets, to buy food and some new clothes from last nights little attack. Ivan went to a store that sold weapons, and Chelsey went to a small clothes store.
oOoO.... they have weapons sold at markets?? cool!
they get separated and attacked again right?? Me: <_<``
8. I`m cutting it off for now ok?? I was getting into it, but it was getting longer and longer and I had to stop for now. Bye! Make sure to give me some ideas if you have any. Someone wants to be in the story, so I`m putting her in, in the next chapter.
oK. I`m sure to read the next chapter! Keep it up!
whatever Me: You really hate me don`t you?? -__-``
9. Bye for now!!

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