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Following the Storm Clouds Part    quiz. Woot  If anyone has ideas for characters or some ideas for the story  tell me   I d appreciate it a lot   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Following the Storm Clouds Part .3
Woot! If anyone has ideas for characters or some ideas for the story, tell me!! I'd appreciate it a lot!!!

1. The second she seen those eyes, electric blue, she calmed down. "You idiot! Scared me!" She snarled, pulling out of Ivan`s grip. "You know I would never leave my best friend behind". He crosses his arms and puts his weight to his left side.
I was worried for a second there :)
I`m baaack!! Me: aww Hell no!! *grabs rope, ties up, and throws in hole*
2. "Let`s just go, ok?" She mumbles as she heads back to the city, after she asked Ivan if it was safe first, which it was. At the apartment, was his blue mustang, gleaming under some lights.
Coool! :D
You: *screams to me to get you out* Me: ^_^ This is fun.
3. When the two got in the car and drove down the road, she just looked out, staying silent. One second, she was awake, the next, ...asleep... sending her into a blanket of dreams..and nightmares...
Oh no! Nightmares!!
You: *falls asleep on dirt ground* Me: Oi! Wake up! *throws sythe at you, waking you up*
4. She wakes up in a house of shadows. Her feet walked without her command, bringing her to a living room, with a large fireplace. A twin of Chelsey walked forward from the darkness, one eye completely black, a scar going vertically over that eye.
A scar and black eye?? creeepy
You: *gets rope off* *climbs out, only to be pushed back in with rocks added in on top*

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