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Following the Storm Clouds Part, 2
Woot woot! My second one! ^_^

1. "Can you feel that?" She turned her head to him, his face half covered by the candle-light. He only nodded in responce. She got up and quickly put her fingers through her dirty blonde hair, pulling out knots. "Let`s go". (random pics)
Oh! What happens next!!??
*yawn* Me: Oh Hell no!!! Not you again!! =/_\=`
2. As the two of them went out, going to the roof, they saw a dark shadow going across the ground below. She turned around to see Ivan, turning around,back to her in fighting stance. "Go", he said, and she jumped off the side of the hotel.
... Me: I already poisoned you... Thanks Sasori!
3. As she jumped down, she shown no emotion, for if she did, the demons would go in a frenzy and attention would be drawn to her. Chelsey closed her eyes, wind rushed under her. She landed on her feet silently, running off into the woods not to far away
So she has demonic powers or something.... SO COOL!!!
.... Me: Already got rid of you remember??!!
4. A few screams rung in the air not too far behind... The demons awakened, killing of civilians. She mentally cursed herself for ever even going into L.A. . So many lives at risk.
OMG!! I feel sorry for her :`(
Back Me: Bloody- *stares in shock* Your not suppost to be alive!! *starts strangling*
5. She ran faster and faster, not caring where she went, just as long as she could get away. Then, ... a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders, stopping her in her tracks...
O_O Who is it!!??
*still strangling* Die zombie!! You: *losing air*
6. Oh yeah. If anyone has some ideas, and no don`t worry, I do have ideas, but if you have any really good storyline ideas, tell me. I also am asking for people who want to be IN the story. PM me if you want to be in it, ^-^
Bye bye! I`ll be sure to give ideas!
Maybe ideas or a character... Me: OMG!!! IT`S NICE FOR ONCE!!! IT`S AN ALIEN!!

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