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Following the Storm Clouds. Part 1
I thought "aw screw it" and made the first one. Hope you like it. ^_^

1. The thunder roared, sending a chill up her spine. From the hilltops, anyone could see far and wide across the city of L.A. . It`a lights dazzled her. She sighed, thinking about how she could only stay for a few days.
Awww! Who would ever want to leave L.A.?! It`s the best place ever!!
I seen better, but still kinda cool.
2. "We should go sign in for a hotel, Chelsey". She half-ways turned around, facing the dark haired brunette with heart shaped face and piercing electric blue eyes, known as Ivan. They were unnatural, that was for sure.
Wow. He sounds hot. Too bad this!isn`t a romance story *sigh* Still a cool story.
nah, I don`t like it Me: Then leave <_<
3. "Yes... The night is rising, ...and it isn`t safe being outside anymore". Her light blue, gentle eyes looked into his electric ones. The wind blew, sending her dark blonde half ways down the back hair up in her face. Ivan only nodded.
Why isn`t it safe?! I gotta know!!
Boooring Me: Get over it, or this pretty little sword will meet your thraot!! You: *whimper*
4. He came over to her and put his hand on her red sweater covered shoulder. They both closed their eyes and black mist circled them, coming higher and higher, till covering their faces and they transported.. They open their eyes to see a large hotel.
Soooooo cooool!!! I wanna learn something like that!!
You: I- Me: *puts sword up to throat* *coughs* You: umm... not too bad Me: Good boy/girl
5. After getting checked in, getting the best room, Chesey and Ivan each lay on separate beds, looking at the baige ceiling. The two friends were tence, but wouldn`t tell eachother it. They didn`t have to. Both knew that the other one felt it too....
What?! What?! What?!
Me: Sorry, but I already killed you ^_^ The silnce is lovely
6. Make sure to comment now!! See you all for now!
I will!! *runs off to comment page*
You: *dead*

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Created on:6/7/2009 12:55:41 AM
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