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What Flyleaf song are you?
I love Flyleaf. Take this song to find out which one you are.

1. Your outlook on life is.....
Not a happy one - I don`t know what will happen
Good - There will be some ups and downs but I will get through this journey
Average - I don`t really think about the future, I`m just glad I`m living in this point in time
2. Do you want to get a tattoo?
Yes! I really want one expressing something that I truly believe in
Yes I do but I can`t decide - I`ll just draw on myself
No - way too painful!
I already have one (If you do tell me in the comments on what it is!)
3. Your given three boxes. One has lollies, one has fruit and one has water. Which one do you pick, fruit or lollies?
Lollies - I so need them right now!
Fruit - Fruit makes me feel great and it tastes delicious!
Water - couldn`t live without it!
4. What is your religion?
5. Are you happy with the way you look?
Yes - I wouldn`t change a thing!
Yes - but some things I would change
No - I hate looking in the mirror. (I`m here for you if you want to talk)
6. Do you believe in God?
7. You think the news is....
Important - I need to know what`s happening around the world and in my country!
Boring - I hate it!
Sad - The worst thing to do is to put on the news when your crying....

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Created on:2/15/2009 12:55:22 AM
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