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What flavor kool-aid are you?

1. Do you blush when you lie?
yeah.sometimes..when i`ve got nothing 2 say!!!!
Neh!!i would say that i am bright..
Nah!!nonsence!!i`m the best there is!
ummm.i would say that i don`t lie all the time,but i am GOOD!!
I don`t lie but i kinda stink at it!
WELL MY FACE TURNS RED!!!but i have an innocent face..
i have feelings,but i would say that i have an innocent face...momma...
i lie but i have an innocent face....i`m invisible...
i am goth.or emo...
2. Would you say that you have a really pale face?
YES!!!!!it whiter then a babies bottom!!
Whiter than you can think
ummm.i would say my skin is fine.
I have a perfect face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I get pimples so on.or zits not that much though....
My face is red when i get pimples..
My face is pale when i wake up,put on cover up..or not..
3. Do people think you are invisible....
Yeah..when i`m annoying..
I`m bright!!oh wait,i see the light!!(Me:don`t go towards it!!)
YES!!!i`m so unwanted!
No one loves me....so thats why i turned emo!!!
I`m goth.
why am i taking this quiz???oh yeah.....
Nah!!i always get the attention!!!
4. Would you say that you have a slim body?
No.i have a round body..
i would say at the stomach it is slim like a lemon.or an apple....
alittle,like the shape of a strawberry....
i have no body.(Me:scary)....
I`m fat....ROUND!!!!
5. What 2 words would you say 2 describe yourself :
bold and bright.
soft and patient.
love and caring.
bold and loving.
bold and loving and bright....
i have no personality....
I have flavor,love and i am the brightest person ever!!!!

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Created on:4/14/2009 4:55:35 PM
Made by:SmileyStar

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