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What flavor ice cream are you  quiz. Are you sweet  Nutty  Berry flavored  Stop licking your arm  and take this quiz to find out how you taste at your emotional core Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What flavor ice cream are you?
Are you sweet? Nutty? Berry flavored? Stop licking your arm, and take this quiz to find out how you taste at your emotional core

1. What, besides ice cream, might inspire you to scream?
If a hot celebrity winked at me
If the person who screams the loudest wins a prize
If I`m participating in a rally for an issue that really matters
If some idiot breaks my all-time favorite toy
If a band plays my favorite song live
2. You`re most likely to compliment the:
honest, nice, trustworthy one
one who really seems to get me
one who puts a crazy new idea in my head
one who makes me laugh so hard that I snort
one in a velvet jacket
3. Which of these is most likely to make you feel all melty inside?
A flirty glance from someone I like
A long, slow kiss
A warm, meaningful hug
Someone who makes me roll my eyes a lot
A handmade, one of a kind gift
4. Ice cream tastes best when it`s:
covered in toppings
sipped through a straw, in milkshake form
dripping messily, no matter what I do
in a birthday cake
still frozen, and not melting all over
5. You`re going on a first date with someone you don`t know very well. Your preferred location:
A movie theater
A roller rink or a bowling alley
A local punk band`s show
A dark, romantic restaurant
An arcade or amusement park
6. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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Created on:7/17/2009 1:51:46 PM
Made by:quiz199712

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