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Fire or Ice quiz. The twins Frost and Flame will see which side your on Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Fire or Ice
The twins Frost and Flame will see which side your on

1. You are in a cafe. You forgot your wallet in your car. Then two men, one fired colored hair, and one ice blue like hair, came by you Frost: hello, you must be y/n, nice to meet you. Flame:yo.*smirks* ya look confused. What’s wrong?
I forgot my wallet
Nothing Frost:are you sure?
None of your business Flame:you must be stuck in a situation where ya have to be rude. Just tell me.
2. Flame: yer wallet is gone. I got it.*pays for coffee and brownie* Frost:sit darling.
*sits at a tabel*
*sits at a tabel*
3. Frost:we, are gonna ask you some- Flame: -questions.
YOUR TWINS! Frost:unfortunately yes. Flame:sad right?
I don’t mind
I don’t wanna. Flamet:me too
4. Flame:first. Red or blue? Frost: really? Flame: yes brother.
Blue. Flame:Damn it! Frost:Flame, profanity.
Red. Flame: YEAH! Frost: I prefer blue
5. Frost: cold or hot?
Cold. Frost:*smirks* that’s pretty good
Hot. Flame:*smirks*i like you
6. Flame: Elsa or Anna. Frost:*chuckles* you watched frozen?
7. Flame: am I hotter or Frost?
Frost. Frost:*smiles* thank you
Flame. Flame:*smirks* why thank you swxy
8. Frost: have a normal life and raise a family or travel
Travel. I’m adventurous! Flame: I would raise a family in the future. But still a great choice.
Have a normal life. Frost: kinda like me
9. Frost: fate*winks* Flame:Yeah.*winks*

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Created on:1/15/2018 12:27:00 AM
Made by:kitkat1

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