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Finish the Lyrics
can you finish them?

1. apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur
the hole club was looking at her
i really want sum of that fur
i have some of those!
2. and 100% reason
to remember the name
to remember that game son
3. THRILLER!!!!......
thriller night
idc he is gay anyways
thriller right
4. fishsticks fishsticks what a delicious treat!!!
fish sticks are very good to eat!
fishsticks fishsticks
fishsticksfishsticks yum.....gimmme gimme gimmmee let me have some!
5. dont tell me your sorry cause your not
and i know it ooooo yeah
baby when i know ur only sorry you got caught
because thats what i thought
your just didnt know ud get caughtttttttt
6. cause its the eye fo the tiger its the.....
thrill of the night...
the cream of the fight...
time of your life....
7. trying hard not to hear but they
keep talking owowowoooo
talk so loud
try to fill me with doubt
how the hell should i know
8. i hate everything all about you
why do i love you
there is nothing i can possibly do
so we are through
its the eye of the tiger..!
9. uptown girl....shes ben living in her uptown world...i bet she never had a backstreet guy...and her momma never told her why
i wonder why!
she is mine!
im gonna try!
i hope she dosent cry
10. they taped over your mouth scribbled out the truth with theire lies ur little
tries???!?!wtf idk

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Created on:5/22/2008 1:59:40 PM
Made by:hyper_gurl12

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