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1. Christina Perri- Jar of hearts. Who do you think you are? Running round...
Disappointing me
Leaving scars
Dancing fast
In the storm
2. Cher Lloyd- Swagger Jagger. Swagger Jagger, swagger Jagger , Why don`t you get some...
From the shop
Of my heart
Of your own
3. Taylor swift- Fearless. You pull me in and I`m...
A little more brave
A lot more scared
Am feeling quite ill
4. Aqua- Barbie Girl. I`m a Barbie girl, in the...
Barbie world
Cocktail bar
Hairdressing salon
5. Mike Posner- Cooler than me. And you never say hey or...
Brush your teeth
Remember my name
Think that I smell
6. Pixie Lott- All about tonight. I bought a new pair
Of trousers
Of scissors
Of shoes

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Times Taken:4,016
Created on:3/12/2012 2:06:02 PM
Made by:christabel13

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