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Finish the Lyrics
Read the freaking title...

1. Ke$ha: Tik Tok on the _____ but the _____ don`t _____
clock, car, play
Alarm, party, go
Clock, party, stop
Idk (me: wow...)
Who is Ke$ha?
Party, stop, clock
2. Waka Flocka: Girl the way you _____ got me in a _____ DJ turn it up while i _______ with no _____
dancin, daze, drive, feet
movin`, trance, do it, hands
who is in that pic? (me: :O wow...)
call me, jam, answer, ear
movin`, jam, do it, hands
3. Taylor Swift: Your a ____ heart break who`s really bad at _____
white trash, dancin`
highschool, lyin`
redneck, lyin`
bad, talkin`
4. Eminem&Rihanna: You ever love somebody ______ you can barely _____ when you with em`
so little, stand it
that much, breathe
so much, breathe
so bad, talk
so much, talk
5. Smash Mouth: Somebody once ____ me the _____ is gonna roll me, i aint the sharpest _____ in the shed.
hit, dude, knife
pushed, world, tool
Told, world, tool
told, dude, fist
6. Green Day: one ___ guns, lay down your ____, give up the ____
22, heart, fight
21, heart, fight
23, arms, knife
21, arms, knife
21, arms, fight
7. Linkin Park: Watch it fly by as the _____ swings, Watch it ____ down to the end of the day
Pendulum, count
clock, time
pendulum, tick
clock, count
8. Bruno Mars: Her ___ Her ____ make the ____ look like they ain`t shinin`
eyes, hair, stars
hair, eyes, stars
hair, hair, stars
eyes, eyes, stars
9. Eminem: I`m not ____ to take a _____, Everybody come take my ____
scared, stand, foot
afraid, fan, hand
scared, man, lamb
afraid, stand, hand
10. Trey songz: Bottoms ___ bottoms ___ pocket full of ____, girl you know i love the way you ___it in them jeans.
up, up, blue, move
down, down, green, shake
up, up, green, shake
side, side, pink, move (me: really???)

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