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Finish the Lyrics Part 2
Again... read the freakin title...

1. Skillet: I`m just a ____ away, im just a _____ away. Losing my _____ today.
breath, step, faith
step, breath, faith
faith, step, breath
minute, little, car
2. Family Force 5: Hold up, wait a minute, ______________.
Put a little muscle in it
Put a little hate in it
Don`t do it
Put a little love in it
3. 3Oh!3: Nice ____, Daisy _____, makes a man go woo woo
Legs, dukes
legs, duke
ass dukes
butt, shorts
4. Trapt: Circling your, circling your, circling your head, _________ everything you ever said
thinking about
thinkin on
5. Puddle of Mudd: Maybe i`m the one, maybe im the one, who is the ________ ________
crazy dude
the one to blame
one thats crazy
schizophrenic physco

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Created on:2/28/2011 8:15:49 AM
Made by:backwoodsgrl

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