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Finish the Lyrics of Songs from the Greatest Band EVER!
The Beatles! DUH!

1. All my lovin`....
I will give to you
I will send to you
I have given you
I have sent to you
2. When I find myself in times of trouble... (this question is dedicated to akid3)
Nobody comes to me
All I need is love
My mama comes to me
Mother Mary comes to me
I eat my cornflakes
3. Sitting on a cornflake...
Waiting for the van to come
I am the egg man
Your mother should know
Waiting for the sun
Choking smokers
4. When I get to I get to the bottom... (again, this is dedicated to Matt, a Beatle lover)
Tell me the answer
And I see you again
I go back to the top of the slide
I stay there
Helter skelter
5. She was just 17....
And the way she looked was way beyond compare
And you know what I mean
And she was awfully mean
She was lovely Rita
She wasn`t a dancer
6. There are places I remember...
From September
But your Mother should know
All my life
Though some have changed
Don`t let me down
I need her
7. I look at you all...
See the love there that`s sleeping
I could not fall
Still my guitar gently weeps
And I just don`t care
You know it ain`t easy
8. The long and winding road...
Leads to Grandma`s house (me:wtf?)
That leads to your door
Goes nowhere
Is waiting to take you away (me: um... that just sounds scary...)
Don`t you know it`s gonna last? (me: ... no comment...)
9. I`m in love for the first time...
Let`s all hope it`s gonna last
Don`t you know it`s gonna last?
Don`t let me down(me: you know we arent` naming songs, right?) (you: oops!)
We all know it`s gonna last
10. Your mother should know... (lol your mom was born a long long time ago... I`m so gonna use that)
Your mother should know
You she old like moldy cheese (me: lmao)
*dances* I love that song... (me: FINISH THE LYRICS!)
... I don`t know... Hey! That rhymes! (me: ...)
11. He`s a real nowhere man...
Sitting in his nowhere land...
Who makes his plans for nobody
ah la la la
Is a big man
Is as blind as he can be (me: lol I almost typed bling)
Has a headache (me: me too!)
Is at command
12. You answer quite slowly...
You are afraid of the marmalade skies
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes
LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS! (me: I thought we went over this...)
You drift past the flowers
Newspaper taxies
Your mother should know (me: that makes absolutely no sense)
You`re on a train in a station
13. In the town where I was born...
There were lots of subarines
Lived a man who sailed to sea
There was an octopus`s garden
There were yellow submarines
WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE! (me: I wonder how many people will pick this one...)
Everyone would mourn
14. All my troubles seemed so far away,,,
Yesterday (me: omg)
Now it looks as though they`re here to stay
But now I`m not half the man I used to be
Why she had to go
And now they have come back to haunt me (me: you`ve never even heard of The Beatles, have you?)
15. One for you... (this is for you, Matt! Again...)
That`s all you get
Nineteen for me
Cuz I hate you
And you say moo (me: wtf?)
I`m gonna tax your feet
16. Baby, you can drive my car...
Just because I love you
Cuz I`m gonna be a star
Yes, I`m gonna be a star
Cuz I wanna be a star
Just because you`re a star
17. She said that living with me...
Was bad
Was really, really hard
Was bringin` her down
TICKET TO RIDE! (me: man, you`re dumb. READ THE TITLE!)
Was making her sad
Was driving her mad
Was forcing her into insanity (me: is that what your mom tells you? lol)
18. I`ll buy you a diamond ring, my friend...
CAN`T BUY ME LOVE! (me: this is getting ridiclulous)
If it makes you feel alright
Cuz I don`t care too much for money
I`ll buy you everything
If it doesn`t cost too much
If you pay me back
19. Is there anybody going to...
Listen to my story
Listen to my probems
Fall in love with me
Be my friend
Buy me and ice cream
Tell me they`re sorry
Hold my hand
Why aren`t there question marks on any of these? (me: shut up)
20. Now it`s time to say good night...
So go to bed
Sweet dreams
Good night, sleep tight
I DON`T WANNA GO TO BED!!! (me: I feel bad for your parents)
I`ll see you tomorrow

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