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finish the lyrics  evanescence  quiz. evanescence is my fav band  do u know their lyrics   no hate comments plz    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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finish the lyrics (evanescence)
evanescence is my fav band! do u know their lyrics? (no hate comments plz...)

1. when u cried id wipe away all of yr tears...when u ________ id fight away all of yr fears!
2. sparkling grey...
u ran away..
i ran away...
their my own veins...
thier your own veins...
my window peins...
3. u held me down and screamed u wanted me....
to live!
to die!
to go away!
to kill u!
to stay away!
4. waking up is....
knowing who u really r.
seeing yr life for what it really is.
seeing the mess u r.
seeing the mess i am.
5. just pretend...
u love yr life!
u love me!
u love yrself!
yr life is worth living!
6. honey u know, u know tht id nevr hurt u....
tht way
this way
7. without yr senseless...
8. im so tired of being here, surpresed by all my childish fears. and if u haveto....
cry for me...
leave, i wish...
stay away from me...
hurt me this way...
9. i cant look away, as we...
make love.
lay in the sunlight.
lay in the stillness.
kiss in the moonlight.
10. (last question)yr silently...
loving me.

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