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Finish The Beatles Lyrics!
Do You Know Your Beatles?

1. "Hello, Hello! I Don`t Know..."
Why You Left Me
Why You Say Goodbye
Why I`m Still Here
Why We Are No More
2. "Crabalocker Fishwife..."
Singin` Harry Krishner
Pornographic Priestess
Sailing To The Moon
3. "The Magical Mystery Tour Is..."
Waiting To Take You Away
Coming From The Trail
Really, Really Odd
Going All The Way
Coming To Get Me
4. "You Know I Work All Day..."
I Deserve A Break
To Get You Money
And Your On The Brink
And He`s Gonna Get It In The Face
5. "Let Me Take You Down..."
Cuz I`m Going To
So I Can Clean The Ground
And Take Him To The Pound
6. "Hold You In His Armchair..."
And He`ll Put You To Sleep
You Can Feel His Disease
But You Really Want Me
Then You`ll Sabotage Me
7. Sorry It Was So Short... T_T Will You Comment/Rate? Answer The Third One.
8. This Is My First Of Three Beatles Lyrics Quizzes Answer First
Cool. Looking Forward To The Next Ones

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Created on:4/23/2008 10:51:09 AM
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