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Finich the lyrics: My Chemical Romance
Lets see if you know My Chemical Romance's songs by heart

1. .......and dressed in red and blue I squeezed.........
her throat
And stabbed her, make that bitch bleed!
Imaginary wedding gown, that you can`t wear infront of me
Till she turned blue
her hand and told her how much I love her
my pillow with the red stripe
you in a tight hug. Never leave. Please, I said
your booty
you tight. Tonight this is our night
My mom, nd you and my gramma. Told you not to cry
2. I never.......
loved you
said i`d lie and wait forever
meant to make you cry
wanted to carry on this way
told you to love me
said I love you, but babe ya know it`s true
asked for your love
wanted to make grown man cry
messed up before but I will mess up again
ever want to see you cry

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Times Taken:1,145
Created on:12/6/2007 6:16:03 PM
Made by:funnychick03

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