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Which finger are you? (like on a hand)
the title says it.

1. Soooooo what kinda mood are you usually in???
A really really bad mood.
A happy mood
An okay mood, not good not bad.
A sorta bad mood but not suicidle
A very affectionate mood.
2. How do you act around your friends???
Super crazy!!!
All huggy and stuff (me: euk)
I kinda lead the group
Happy and fun!
I sit in the corner glaring at the others.
3. What do others see you as???
The happiest person alive
An emo kid mostly
A person who knows and loves everyone (not in a bad/sick way)
A good person who leads the way for clueless people
An awesomely origional person
4. What do you do in your spare time???
Nothing cause I never have any spare time, I`m always doing something
Playing some kinda game
Nothing: I sit in a corner and do nothing
I talk to my friends and give them advise on what to do with their lives
I`m with my bf/gf all the time
5. Ut oh. I`ve gotta go. Will you plz comment??? If you do thanks a ton.
Sure I will!!! I love talking to anyone!!!
Why would I do that loser? (me: sad face)
Sure why not?
I`d love to.

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Created on:10/27/2008 7:31:19 PM
Made by:cmyst84

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