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Find out if jeffy aka jeff the killer likes you quiz. Just sit down and have a conversation with him  see if he likes you  or  like likes you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Find out if jeffy(aka jeff the killer)likes you
Just sit down and have a conversation with him, see if he likes you, or, like likes you

1. Me: hi, this is Jeff, you probably already know that though so Jeff, uuuggghh seff, stop playing with your knife.Jeff:OK fine, let`s just get this over with, ssssoooo, what`s your favorite wepon
2. Jeff:sssooo can I crash at your place tonight
Go away ya freak, I hardly even know you
3. Jeff:you know, I am single, right?
Yes, what about it
Mmmhhhmmm*blushes*so am i
Really, I thought you were with Jane?
4. -you get to your house, what`s the first thing you do
Make a bed for jeff
Shut all of the windows and lock all the doors so Jeff can`t get in
You pass out then wen you wake up you go on a killing spree
You sit on the couch with jeff
5. You start to doze off when you faintly hear the words"go to sleep", what do you do
Fall asleep
Snap your eyes open and hit Jeff with a slap and say,NO JEFF, YOU GO TO SLEEP
Shut up Jeff*giggles*
6. You find out that Jeff is madly in love with you, you..
Freak out and start blushing madly
Scream and start slapping yourself saying, wage upWAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!!
You ignore
7. Dou you want him to love you
Probably not,but I don`t want to be a jerk

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