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Find your Inner Beauty
I believe the title says it all, ladies and gents.

1. What`s the most beautiful color in all the world, the color that takes up about half of your wardrobe?
Pink or blue
Bright orange, yellow, red or neon
Any earthy tones, really
Just put me down for a rainbow because how the heck would I know what`s in there?
None of the above, actually
2. This animal is perfection, the absolute most amazing creature out of these:
A hyena, believe it or not, with their impeccable build
a wolf, the social class is amazing
Horse, so free, playful, and majestic
a tiger, lion, or leopard: sleek, controlled, and elegant
A dog, loyal, playful, caring, right and tight to the end
3. You look for this in a partner:
Personality, of course, which means decency, kindness, understanding, sensitivity
Suave charm and manners
A sense of humor or a quirky charm
A nice body, first of all, otherwise I probably won`t consider them, honestly
Confidence, emotional stability, strength, and disregard for the rules
Just someone who loves me for me and accepts the way I am
brains, probably, because I can`t stand stupid people who can`t take care of themselves
someone who`s just like me, with the same beliefs, personality, and disposition
someone who`s a lot of fun to be around, despite anything bad we might do
4. Your t-shirt would say:
Nothing, no one reads them anyway you know
You might be a redneck if...
Life is what happened while you stopped to read this (lame but oh so true)
Party like a rockstar
I support the World Wildlife Federation
(insert favorite band name here)
5. I always get compliments on:
well I`m smart but I never get COMPLIMENTS about it
My good looks, the first thing people notice about me
the joke I told in math class
the report I wrote about bungee jumping for language - everyone wants to do it now
the party I threw the other day
I almost never get THOSE, but lots of sincere thank you`s
nothing, unfortunately
6. When you think about yourself, you realize you`d never change:
the fact that I`m always willing to listen and help out the rest of humanity
my taste in music XD
my GPA
my witty comebacks
*sigh* my looks *whips out mirror*
my boyfriend or girlfriend
my lust for adventure and fun
my disregard for the rules
7. You`re dying to change:
The fact that everyone thinks I`m so preppy and self-absorbed
the fact that you still respect your parents
your incapacity to be serious or sit still for five minutes
all the hateful people in the world or those who have low self-esteem
People with feather-brains who don`t know what they`re doing
cruelty towards animals
8. What do people write in your yearbook?
"Call me" or their phone numbers, every single one of them
Stay smart, nerd
H.A.G.S. (have a great summer)
I`m glad you`ll always be there, BFF
ROFL (and, sadly, that`s all they put...)
Be careful when you go skydiving this summer!
Have fun at Harvard

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Created on:6/1/2008 8:25:40 PM
Made by:starlitewolf

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