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Which Final Fantasy X character are you  quiz. Possibilities  Yuna  Tidus  Auron  Wakka  Lulu  Kimhari  and Rikku  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Final Fantasy X character are you?
Possibilities: Yuna, Tidus, Auron, Wakka, Lulu, Kimhari, and Rikku.

1. The infamous question, what is your favorite color out of these?
2. Your weapon/tactic of choice?
Black Magic
A staff, to summon beasts
Steal from my enemies and use their equipment against them
Nail them with a blitzball, infused with magic of course
Learn and copy the enemy`s moves
3. You`ve confronted a powerful enemy, you...
Rush and attack him, it`s the right thing to do
Fight alongside your friends; you`re best with them
Stay calm, then fight when he does. You know you have this
Hestitate, knowing this enemy was once on your side, and nervous about attacking
Quietly do whatever it takes to protect the summoner
Study the enemy, and then destroy him with your huge sword
Stay optimistic and fight, even though you know you`re not as strong as him
Not fight him!
4. The ones you love are in danger, you...
Stay hopeful, and travel with a group of family and friends to save them. You work best with them
Pretend you don`t care, but hurry to save them. Showing strong emotions is weak
Think about what the consequences may be and if any harm will come to you, and decide what to do
Rush and save them immediatley!
Do whatever aids the pilgrimage or mission, that`s all that matters
Sacrifice your happiness or yourself to protect them and your people
If it`s the summoner, go after them!
5. Are you a girl or a boy?
i dunno (0_o)
6. You`re stuck. It seems you`re mission is over with, and you`ve failed. You...
You`re not sure what to do, maybe this really is the end. But you pull yourself together
Think about your mission and what needs to be accomplished, and set out to do it
Smile, even though you`re sad, you have to be brave for every one
Stay positive and lighten every one`s hearts
You`re confident you`ll get out of it, and start heading towards your enemy to defeat them
Stay still, thinking quietly. Let the group decide
Who cares if we`re stuck? I`m calm. We just have to focus
7. Who do you hate?
my father
the al bhed
seymour (the most, because everybody hates seymour :P)
people who delay the mission
anyone who threatens the summoner
no one!
almost everyone...
8. Fave hobby? Does have relevance :)
Anything to do with technology
poetry, reading
no hobbies really...too busy with other things
This is a pointless question! :P
9. You`re whisked away from your home to another time, and don`t know if you can ever go back...
Almost cry, but don`t... Get homesick
Get used to it, you have to
You`re sure you`ll be able to return somehow
It`s impossible anyway! You can`t just travel to a different time. Bah!
10. Hope you liked the quiz, only second one :P
Yeah, it was great!
*shrug. Meh
No :( (maybe next time)

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