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Which Final Fantasy 7 character are you?
Try it for fun! (e)

1. Out of the following, which would be your favoured weapon?
A rod. Best for healing my companions with.
A great big sword for cutting evil down in one fell swoop.
My fists do the talking for me.
Anything sharp. Die, small people!
2. An evil corporation is trying to open a dangerous reactor in your area. What do you do?
Do they want some help?
Not my problem. I only have to worry about myself.
If i can help do good, i will.
Those jerks! Feel my wrath! I wont have anyone hurt me and mine.
3. Ahem...favourite colour? :-)
Black. Like my heart. o.O
Pink, purple, lilac...girly things!
Dark colours- they`re good for sneaking in.
I dont care, ok?
4. What would you do if you found 10,000 gil in the street?
Put it aside for a good cause.
Use it for funding my evil plans.
Money? I suppose i would buy a new sword.
Give it to the poor. I don`t need it. :-)
5. Which of these appeals most?
World domination. Sweet.
A garden filled with flowers.
A fun fair!
On my bike, shooting through the wilderness, with me and my thoughts for company.

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