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What Final Fantasy 7 character are you most like?
You could be anyone!

1. Have you had anything horrible happen to you (lost a loved one, etc)
Yes, many scarring events have happened to me.
Not anything escpecially hideous...I`ve had setbacks, like everyone else
Emotional trauma.
2. What was this horrible thing to happen to you?
Loss of memory, or other mental trauma
Death of a loved one.
My home is gone.
I`ve had serious career setbacks
I`m just alone, that`s all. I`ve been that way for a long time now.
Emotional suffering. I`ll never be the same
3. How do you plan on fixing this problem?
Fix it? Can such a thing be fixed?
Rebuild my life. From scratch.
Take care of who, and what I have left
Well, I guess I just have to start over again
4. Who`s your enemy?
A specific person
A company. They`re killing everything!
A mix of both of the above.
Enemy? There`s no one who could possibly withstand opposition with me
5. What weapon would you prefer?
Long range weapons
Personally, I like swords, and short range weapons
Nothing but my own self is more deadly!
Magic is where I`m stronger
6. How do you like to dress?
Something that breathes well
I like to be well-covered, preferably in darker colors
I dress very casually. I`ll be travelling a lot, so I need something durable
Well, actually, I`d rather not be wearing anything at all
7. Pick a color combination!
Pinks, and soft pastel colors
Deep, dark colors
Earthy tones
All shades of blue
8. How would you describe yourself?
People definitely misunderstand me. I`m just very ambitious and prefer not to be a social butterfly
I`m very smart, but people probably think I`m ditzy and annoying
Quiet, but everything I say is very meaningful. I`m insightful, too.
I`d like to think I`m a calm, peaceful person, with a surprising amount of information.
Maybe a little immature to some, but I know what really matters, even if I have a young perspective
A bit rough around the edges, but you know you can always rely on me
Outspoken and truthful! I`m strong and know what`s right
Eloquent and meloncholy. I may be a bit complicated to most people. I`m very different
Loyal, strong, and unique. When times are tough, you know I`ll make it through
Misunderstood, but caring. I know what needs to be done, and have learned what`s important

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