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What Final Fantasy 7 Character Are You?
Take this quiz to see what FF7 character you may be most like!

1. What attracts you to RPG-styled gaming?
Talking to all the interesting people!
The magic! So shiny and cool!
The love story! (there is a love story, isn`t there?)
The quest for greatness! (duh)
The random battles. (fear me!!)
Having the chance to be part of something BIG!
The opportunity to prove what a GOD I am!!
I like watching a good story unfold.
Finding out what I am capable of through hard bosses and missions.
Fighting along side my friends.
2. When I say "Chocobo", you think. . .
mmmm. . . . yummy. . .
Let`s go to the races!!
Let`s race some fast ones then we could MAKE money instead of blowing it all!
. . . a . . . bird. . .
Awww! They`re so cute and soft!! ^_^
. . . I don`t see the point here. . .
If we could somehow get a hold of some really special ones, then we could probably explore new areas
GOLD - the color of the statues that will be made to honor me!
Well, they`re large birds, but I don`t really see what this has to do with anything right now. . .
They`re neat, although you don`t get to see many around here. . .
3. What`s the family like?
Family?! Who cares?!?!
It’s none of your business really. ..
. . . Well, I do have my father`s eyes. ..
I`m the only adopted child of a single parent. We`re very close.
HaHAHA. . . my father, HAHHAH. . . Let`s just say I am going to inherit the WORLD from my mother!
bah, just normal mom and pop situation there. . .
We don`t get along too well, we`re just too different, although I DO try. . .
Well it was all good until until Mom. . . Umm, my father is very protective of me
My father. . . uh. . . my mother. . . I don`t really want to talk about this. . .
Ugh, my old man and me fight all the TIME, but eventually we make up, before the next argument!
4. What kind of fruit would best describe you?
Passion fruit - it`s all in the name!
Apple - Tough, sweet and easily adaptable.
Dumbapple - They`re cool! Also, I have this great story I could tell you. . .
Star Fruit - Why? `Cause I`m the STAR!! (duh)
Pomegranate - Thickly skinned to hide all sorts of little secrets.
Plum - Could be sweet, could be bitter; you just never know until it`s too late.
Pineapple - Tough skin with a sweet and scarred inside
Fruit? What a strange question. . .wasn`t really prepared for this. . . uh, strawberry?!?!
Orange - I drain their bloods to add to vodka! Wait - is vodka a fruit?!?!
Eggh! Fruit?!?! Ugh, no thanks!
5. It`s a dangerous world. . . so, how do you defend yourself?
Only the finest in legendary weapons will be sufficient for me!
I prefer tasers, although a cattle prod, electric slot shock gun or Tesla ray would be nice too.
Magic all the way baby!
My body is my weapon - I`ll kick, punch or even slap until you`re down.
Umm, I don`t really like violence - how about if I just heal instead?
I`m well trained with any firearm.
I use a sword given to me by best friend.
Sometimes hand-to-hand combat works, but sometimes it`s just best to keep your distance. . .
I am BEAST with a sword - come watch!
I use the tools of a ninja!
6. Dessert?
Sure - especially if it’s for two! ^_^
Absolutely! You have no idea how hungry I am - I’ve been training ALL day!!
Well, technically, I deserve TWO desserts. . .
Is it flambéed? If so, yes; if no, move on to the nightcap!
Dessert? Sure, I mean if there`s time. . o-or if that`s what you want/had planned. . .
Not a problem! See look I have some _____ I made for you because I remembered you like it.
. . . not sure if I really deserve dessert. . .
. . . whatever. . .
Alright! Bring it on!!
No thanks. I`m not really a dessert person. . .
7. You`ve got some free time! What do you want to do?
Work on my squats! One. . .two. . . one. . .two
Hit the BARS!!
. . . I guess I could go work on some side projects. . .
I`m going to go chat/hang out with my friends.
I`m going to tend to my garden.
I have. . . research. . . to do.
I`m going to go hunt for treasure!
What ever my best friend wants to do will be fine.
I’m going to take this time to repent for my sins or reflect on wrongs I‘ve done. . .
I`m going to ask ___ out on a date!
8. People see you as. . .
A hero
An alcoholic
9. You see yourself as. . .
A hero
a redeemer
a failure
a hard worker
10. I say "black", you think. . .
of the smashed flowers that *someone* walked all over. . .
materia - meet your doom MWHAHAHAHAH!!
it`s the color of my cool hair!
RUSSIAN!, like the drink!
Black is the color of *his* hair ::sigh::. . . ____ is so hand-uhh handy. . . ^_^
The color of my soul is black. . .
my beloved shades. . .
that`s the color I live in, I stalk under it`s protective cover. . .
The color of the chocobo that keeps beating mine. . . ):
the color of my gloves that will hit you if you cross me the wrong way!!
11. Hey, the boss wants to see you.
?!?! What?!!? R-really? Do you think it was good, o-or bad?!
Boss? Nah, I haven`t had a job in years. . .
I have a boss?!?
Yep, probably wants to give me a BIG promotion; later suckers.
I AM the boss!
. . .ok. . .
Oh, he`s not so scary as everyone thinks! ^_^
Well if he has a problem with me he can take *THIS* and *THIS* and some of *THIS*!!!
Ah, he probably wants to get a drink or somethin - we`re old friends so. . .
. . . did I screw something up. . .?
12. Failure. . .
is NOT an option!
something I am trying to live with. . .
is something unknown to me.
must be covered up at all cost!
won`t happen - I`m sure of it!
. . .happens sometimes - SORRY ::bow::
won`t be a possibility while I`M around!!
Can be negotiable.
is for the weak and dead!
13. You have a crush on ____; how do you deal with that?
Stammer unintelligibly around said crush.
Be blunt and to the point - ask them out right then and there!
Steal their things so they have to come and talk to you at some point. . .
. . . ha, I don`t have time for that stuff!
Try to show off and let ____ see what you are made of!
wait to see if ___ will make a move first.
Protect ___ at all cost to your own life and limb!
just watch them and only talk to your best friend about your crush.
tell no one anything at all.
Drop little hints and hope they get it.
14. What are you looking for in life?
A good time!
A true love.
Ultimate power! and minions; everyone needs minions.
a chance to prove my worth.
a better world!
I`m not looking, I`m just here for the ride.
15. Have a job?
I did once, but I wasn`t so hot at it. . .
I own my own business.
Not for years. . .
Yeah - it`s pretty shady.
. . . maybe. . .
Oh yes; and I`m still trying to learn the ropes, but I think I`m doing pretty well. . .
I`m trying to start up my own business right now. . .
of course - and I am ROCKING said job!!!
Well, it`s not a "taxable" job, per say. . .
JOB?!?!? HAHAHAHAH I need no job - the WORLD IS MINE!!!
16. So, with that money you may or may not have from said job, what Chocobo will you be betting on?
I have no job, not for years, so I really won`t be betting. . .
I`ll be racing!
OOOH! The pink one!! She`s sooo cute!! ^_^
The one that pays out the best!
Drinks for ALL!!!
I was talking to some regulars and they said the best one to bet on was ____. . .
The one that my oldest friend is racing!
I`m not into betting. . .
17. In a partner, what do you look for?
Sobriety! - someone’s gotta take me home
I`ve found them once. . .and failed them. . .
I need no “partner”; however I need. . .followers, who are mindless and disposable. . .
Someone adorable and cute!
A protector.
thefty skills ;D
Someone to lead.
A partner? I can`t even find myself!
18. This is it! Ready to get your answer?
Why was it so long?!
Let`s get a drink later!
. . .
Good, I can go to sleep now. . .
Huh? Over already? Why wasn`t this quiz an even 20?
Oh, we were having fun I thought. . . Good bye then.
good bye.
On to the results already!!!!
Did I really have time for all this?!
Wonder if I`ll get who I think I will. . .

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