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What "The Familiar Of Zero" Character are you?
Lets see who you get...

1. How do you control your magic/ ability?
a rose
a ring
a wand
a sword
a stalf
2. What would you want for a familiar?
You are the familiar
Fire dragon
A human
A earth mole
I don`t want one... to hard to train
3. You are challeneged to a fight... What do you do?
Execpt the fight, but really nervous
Execpt the firght, ready to kick butt
I wouldn`t fight
I`m to busy reading to fight
Fight? Oh no not me I`m the prize, "Wink, wink"
4. You are given a task do you give up and just leave or stay and help out?
Give up and Leave
Stay and Help even if its hard
5. What is your power?
Fire/ Earth
Don`t have one I like using my sword to fight not magic
Power? As in we are only supposed to have one power?
My ring is my power
6. Did you like the quiz?
Move on already

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Created on:1/26/2016 1:07:55 AM
Made by:cutecupcake3

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