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What FFXI job is best for you?
A test to see what job you should level next (e)

1. You are in a dire situation. Things begin to look grim and your enemy is fierce. How do you survive?
Relax. Its alright just focus and evade him.
Aim and strike a fatal blow to end it.
If I`m to die today I will at least take my enemy with me.
I cant die here my fortune must be on my side.
Take advanatge of any openings in his defence.
Absorb his essence into my own.
I`ve mastered my art I must use all my techniques
Overwhelm my foe with constant powerful attacks.
Let everything fade to black let instinct take over.
Pray that a friend will come to my rescue.
2. On the day of your birth what sign watched over you?
Pisces,Cancer or Capricorn
3. The sun sets over a lake. The water glistening like a diamond. A chill breeze whistles pass you. How do you feel?
The waves of the water sooth the soul
This beauty will only fade due to mankinds favor of war.
Dusk is near and the night brings comfort.
As the day fades away so will it be reborn anew
Listen to the trees rustle and feel the earth beneth you so much tranquility.
The cool air embraces you.
To reap the benefits of such good weather on the land.
Another day ends and so must I rest to refresh my body and spirit.
You enjoy the peace the day as brought, that we all should cherish before its gone.
My battle still wages and I must continue onwards this beauty must not distract me.
4. Which of the following destinations would you most want to go to?
To see the Sphinx of Egypt
The mountains of the Himalaya`s
The old palaces of Japan.
The African savanah
The Roman Colosseum
Sherwood Forest
The Mayan temples
The islands of the south pacific
5. What is your favorite type of taste?
I have no idea what Umami is.
6. What is your favorite season.
I have no preference
7. A skirmish has begun. The beastmen have begun their attack. What do you do?
Check the fortifications make sure our defense will hold.
Fall into formation and perpare to fight along side your brothers and sisters
Spread out and flank the enemy
Fall back and set a trap. Hold the back line and thin their numbers
Gather your strongest forces and meet them at the gates.
Evacuate the civilians and prepare supplies for the troops.
Darken the skies in smoke and sound horns from all angles distract the enemy.
Crush and destroy all who enter with an overwhelming force and extreme hatred.
Prepare an escape route and fire at range. If there are to many escape
8. How did you learn to fight?
Natural talent.
Through constant fighting and training.
Mentored and trained by a first class master.
9. What do you consider your destiny?
To forever continue to grow and always improve myself.
To be healthy and happy physically and mentally
To fall into a large ammount of wealth
A death on the battlefield with 100 foes laying death around me.
To become one with nature fadeing away into the woods.
To become a master of my art and pass it down to another.
Freedom that I have fought for.
To hold ultimate power within me.
TO be surrounded by drink and members of the oppsoite sex.
Destiny is unforeseeable and I would not want to know it.
10. You are indebted to a friend yet he turns his blade against you, what is your next move?
Strike him down. He gave up his right of repayment when he thought betrayal.
Fight till he can fight no longer but spare his life and the debt is repaid.
Try and talk him down and if all fails escape.
11. The best defense....
is a powerful offense
is not being seen
is well thought out preparation
is heavy armor
is keeping a distance on your foes
is having your enemies flank
is a befriending your enemy
12. You come upon a village that has been used for smuggling illegal weapons.You know whos behind it. It is believed these weapons are being given to your enemies. What do you do?
The city has been corrupted and it aswell as its inhabitants must be destroyed
Make threats to reveal this information to the law unless they cut you a deal in.
Take in the smugglers and leave the innocent to their lives
You decide to focus on investigating further and report it to the law
13. You find a wounded animal in the woods....
Put it out of its misery
Leave it alone for nature to take its course
attempt to heal it and take care of its pain
14. Before you lies a door. The door is forbidened to be opened. It is believe to hold behind it unimaginable truths. what do you do?
Open the door and taste the forbidden fruit
Block the door so that none may ever enter again.
Leave it alone it does not concern you
15. You see an old woman whos on the street. her clothes are tattered and torn and she is dirty. The woman is homeless and she comes to you begging for a coin. What do you do?
Give the woman the coin she asks for and be on your way
take the woman and provide her food and a clean place to live
push her away and leave her to her life
offer her work for her pay
16. (halftime) So now we sit here halfway through the quiz how are you doing? Go grab a drink and come back. So think you know which job you`ll be yet?
Yes its fairly obvious
No not yet
Hey all I know is once its done I`ll complain anyway
17. Which element do you most identify with?
Flesh and blood
18. Why did you pick the element you picked?
Because its most powerful
Because I feel safe around it
Because it brings the most good to the world
19. What time of the day is your favorite?
20. Which life would you rather have?
A quiet family life
A life of adventure
A life of discipline
A life of struggle and confrontation
21. You are falsely accused of murder. You stand before your judge and jury. The evidence is heavily against you. What do you do?
I speak my story and trust that justice will be served
Pass the blame to anyone else to save yourself
You attack the judge in hopes to kill him. You may as well do what you are going to pay for.
You remain silent and accept your fate with dignity
22. You meet a new recruit. An adventurer barely weened in your eyes. He asks for some advice on his sword play. What do you tell him?
You help him out showing him some basic moves
You tell him he is not ready for combat and should return to his parents.
You ignore him and figure he`ll learn in time
23. Your foe is at your feet your sword above his head. He begs for mercy. What do you do?
You ask for forgivness but you are a soldier on a mission
You accept his plea for mercy and attempt to befriend him
You let him live but take him in as a prisoner
No prisoners and no mercy you take his life and soul
You grant him mercy and tell him to fight for you
He raised his blade against you. would he have granted you the mercy he seeks now? no...
You laugh at his weakness and taunt him as you kill him
You remind him of his honor and bring him to his feet and draw your weapon. He shall die fighting
You do not kill him. but you do not help him either. he is on his own
24. You find some gil on the ground. Near it is an item engraved with some adventurers name. What do you do?
ha keep it free gil
Try and find the adventurer whos name is on the item and return the gil to him.
Unable to determine if it is his or not you return it to the police and allow them to find the owner
Kick it to the side. A fool and his money are soon parted
25. Which is your dominent hand?
26. Do you believe in a God?
Yes my faith carries me.
No only a fool believes in a god
I dont believe in any particular god but I am open to ones existance
27. You are engaged to be wed but your fiance`s friend wants to sleep with you what do you do?
Remain faithful to my love and refuse her
Refuse her and tell your fiance
Embrace the woman and keep it secret
Leave your fiance for the friend
Do not give her a yes or a no leave the decision to fate
28. You return home and you find your hometown set a blaze. You see the arson fleeing the scene. What do you do?
Chase down the arson and beat him to a pulp
Pray for your familys safety and search for them
try and recover any valueables left.
Capture the arson and torture him to make him pay
Watch the fire burn and know all will return to the earth
Attempt to help the people and tend to the wounded
Kill the arson quick and painlessly.
Capture the Arson and bring him before those he has harmed
Figure it was fortune that prevented you from being caught in the fire and leave before you get hurt
29. You happen upon an illegal fighting setup. There are bets being placed. You notice the opposing fighters speaking with each other before the match. What do you do?
Sit back and enjoy the show
Bring to the attention of the promoter a chance of cheating
Turn them in to a law enforcement agent
Place a bet and hope you win
30. You`ve been working towards a goal your entire life and it is within your grasp. But to take ahold of it would only cause pain to all those around you. What do you do?
The many before the one. Sacrifice your dream for the good of the people
You`ve worked to hard to give up now nothing will stop you from acomplishing your goal
Flip a coin and leave it all to chance
Whats a dream when it costs everything? Give it up and live in peace
Man is ambitious and you owe them nothing. Take hold of whats rightfully yours
Meditate on the situation. determine the outcomes and act depending on how much harm it can do
Hey they wouldn`t care about you if it ment their dreams
I enjoy challenge and bettering myself I`ll drop this dream and find a new one to chase.
With so many enemies what good can come of it?
31. (Last) You come to the end of a road you have no idea whats beyond in the wild. Do you continue onwards?
Always. Off into the sunset I ride
No return home safely with family and friends

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