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Which festival(s) are we going to?
find out ;_;

1. What sounds the neatest
Muthic`s neat
Muthic and wids from shows and movies are neat
Choobers are preneat
Wids from movies and shows are neat
Oidunno yoink
2. Would you rather go to one or two festivals
I gueth we could do one ._.
Two festivals is preneat :3
Oidunno yoink
3. How much me money are you willing to spend to have this neatness (not including planes)
Oidunno yoink
4. Would you rather meet
I don`t need to meet anyone as long as the event is neat
Wids from TV and movies
Oidunno yoink
5. When is a festival Neatest
Junes neat
Julys neat
June and July are neat
Oidunno yoink
6. Would you rather stay in a hotel or NEO
Hotels neat
Hotels are I gueth
Either way is neat
Oidunno yoink
7. Which do you think is the neatest
San Diego Comic Con
Oidunno yoink
8. Which is the most PUTRID
San Diego Comic Con
Oidunno yoink
9. Welp. You said I think I`m making neatness but I`m not. So thanks neat. Here`s what I`ve been working on <3
aheh aheh aheh
I gueth
oidunno yoink

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Created on:1/8/2017 12:29:17 AM
Made by:fireball1905

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