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Which female Pokemon gym leader are you? (Johto and Kanto)
Hope you like it :) comment your result :D

1. What`s your favourite type of Pokemon from this list?
2. And why do you like that type?
I share a lot with them.
They`re beautiful...
They`re cute!
They take care of each other and that`s nice...
They`re coool!
I`ve always felt they`re special.
3. What style clothes would you like to wear out of these?
Pretty kimono!
Shorts and a tank top!
Cute t-shirt and white shorts.
Sophisticated and slightly gothic suit.
Mini dress and a cape.
Simple dress.
4. How would you have your hair?
Loose and girly maybe with some barettes.
Long and unusual.
A bit spikey and unusual, but still pretty.
5. What do you think of Ash?
A very nice boy.
He`s one of my best friends, but still annoys me sometimes!
Grrr - he beat me in a gym battle!
A good kid, I guess.
6. Three words to describe yourself?
Misunderstood, nice, fiery.
Fiesty, kindhearted, pretty. ;)
Pretty, nice, easily-upset (yeah, it`s not quite three words...)
Unusual, kindhearted, misunderstood.
Shy, nice, kind,
Sweet, kind, caring.
7. Where would you want your gym to be?
On the beach.
In a beautiful garden!
My hometown.
A big city!
Somewhere quiet, unusual.
8. What do you think you`d like best about the Pokemon world?
Looking so cute as an anime girl!
Travelling around with my best friends!
The great feeling when you know your getting stronger!
Pokemon - duh!
9. And what did you think of this quiz?
Lurrrved it.
Liked it.
It was superduper fun.
It was fabbulosios - hold on there`s not a "NO!" answer!

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