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Are you Fat?
Check If you are skinny, normal chubby fat or obesr

1. Stand up and look straight down. What Can you See?
My feet, thighs, caved in stomach and my ribcage too!
My feet thighs flat stomach and ribs
My feet thighs flat-pudgy stomach and some ribs
My feet most of legs and chubby belly
My feet and my fatty belly
My belly and tips of toes
My belly and No toes after sucking in
2. Sit down Can you See your belt/top of pants?
I am thinner than my pants!
Of course i can
Not quite. My belly sometimes covers it
Nope my belly extends like a cm over pants
No, no, no. My big belly hangs over my belt and i have to move the fat to reach belt
No way! My hutę belly sits on my laps a couple Good inches
3. What do you classify yourself as?
4. Slap your stomach. What happens.
It’s caved in. I sometimes miss it It’s so small.
Status on place What Could possibly happen?
It moves a bit but not much
It wobbles for a second or two
It jiggles for a couple seconds
It jiggles and wobbles a ton for some seconds
5. Do you have strach marks
What are those?
No way! Too skinny
Maybe will have If not stop eating
A few tiny ones
Yes a couple
A lot. On lower belly, upper belly and love handles
6. What do your friends say about your weight?
You have to Gian a bit
You are perfect for me ;)
No more No less
You Could lose a few
You Should loose some
What a beach ball.
Aren’t you wideo than taller?
They Don’t say anything
Im ashamed to say... ( just so you know It’s annonymous. ;)
7. Do you have love handles?
Already told you that my belly caved in... gosh...
No way!!!
No no
Starting to
They are quite big
No way to get rid of them they are sooooooooooooo BIG!
What are love handles??? ( will not affect score)
8. How many meals do you eat daily?
Half or 1
3 and some snacks
3-4 lot of snacks
4-6 a lot of snacks
6-10 + snacks
Never stop eating
9. What kind of furniture Can you break?
Toddler furniture
Kids furniture
Some of normal
I need special furniture XXXXXL AND SUPER WIDE FOR MY BIG BUTT!!!
10. How many Chins do you have?
Caved upwards
A bit of fat hanging
A lot of fat hanging close to double-chin
Double chin
Tripple chin
chin falls to your boobs/moobs
11. How far do your thighs spread When you sit on a hard chair?
3-5cm apart
2-3 cm apart
1 cm apart
Barely touching
Piszesz into each other 1-2cm
Into each other 3-5 cm
Into each other 8+ cm
Over 15 cm
12. How many rolls of fat do you have while sitting?
Nothing. Stomach caved in.
Flat belly
See tak small ones
One medium + 1 or 2 small
1 large 1-2 medium
2-5 large
6+ large
Too many to count
13. What happens When you get up the stairs?
A bit out If breath dur to lack of energy
Tiny bit out of breath
A bit out of breath
Stop to catch a deep breath or two
Tired out of breath
Very tired Can barely breath
Several breaks on the way so I Don’t pass out.
14. Run in place and Look at you belly. What did you See?
My caved in belly
My thin belly and my self in mirror run like an idiot
Stomach moved a bit
Quite wobbly
Big wobbles
Jiggles a ton
Can’t run
15. How far does your belly sit on your lap?
I have No fat on my belly caved in!
Flat belly
Maybe a cm...
2-4 cm
15+ cm
Falls over knees
16. Did any of your family member call you fat?
No that say i should gain a few im too thin
No they say im perfect
My sister but that was mean because i have a little belly
Yes some my belly sticks out like 1-3 cm so yeah
Yes a coulple of times i know im fat
A lot i have a big overhang and lovehandles
They call me obese and i have to agree.
17. What is your wast circumference?
-23 inches
24-27 inches
28-32 inches
33-36 inches
37-40 inches
41-50 inches
55+ inches
18. How far does your finger go into your belly?
Not at all
Maybe a millimeter
1 cm?
2-3 cm
3-5 cm
5-10 cm
More than my hand
19. How many calories do you consume daily?
20. Can you touch you toes standing without bending your knees?
No but close 1-5 cm
No not close 5-25 cm
No not halfway there.
Can’t See my toes and bend down because of massive belly.
21. How much do you excersize?
None but i also Almost not eat
A lot Gotta maintain super thin figure
I do but i Could do more
Not a lot guess Why i have a soft belly right?
Maybe sometimes but big belly doesn’t let me excersize a lot
I can’t i get tired o sooo fast and can’t go to gym because im Really ashamed of my big stuffed gut
I Can barely walk im too fat to do curl ups
22. Do you feel comfortable in a bathing suit?
Ya ok but too many bones
Rocking in that
I like it
If not many people realize the fat i am carrying with me.
If i suck it in then maybe
No way im too fat i Don’t want anyone to See my fat rolls
I would break it anyways
23. How much do you weigh?
60-70 lbs

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