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Are you fat?
Find out if your obese,fat,normal,skinny or anorexic by taking this quiz!

1. When you run how easily do you get out of breath?
not super easily
To boney to run
I`m active but I get out of breath because I don`t eat through out the day
Super easliy
2. How many meals do you have in one day?(not including snacks or desserts)
3. What does your friends say about you?
Needs to put meat on bones
Bag of bones needs to see doctor
Junk food junkie
Way too fat need medical attention
Nothing really
4. If you grab your stomach what happens
I feel bones
I need eight hands to grab half of my stomach
Two big handfuls of fat
I can pinch it but it not a handful
What stomach
5. Stand up can you see your feet
All I see is my stomach
Yes and a bit of gut
A bit
My whole foot
Yes and bones to

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Times Taken:1,285
Created on:1/16/2016 3:13:46 AM
Made by:Pinkitten

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