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Fat quiz
What are you?

1. Do you think your fat?
Not at all
Not really
A little
Doctor told me I`m obese
2. What`s your bmi
Below 20
3. How much do you weigh?
Below 100
4. How do your friends consider you
Twig like
Good looking but nothing about your weight
You guess joke that you could lose a few pounds
They call you very large and a fatty but never to your face
They are embarrassed to be seen with someone with your size, and call you a whale when you fight
5. What do strangers call you?
Anorexic freak!
Good weight
They think that your on the large side but don`t say anything
They call you fat when you bother them
They come up to you with serious concerns that you are too large to participate
6. Would you take your shirt off?
I`d love too
Yes but not in public and only with people I`m close to.
I cringe when I look in the mirror
I shower blindfolded
7. How do you feel about mirrors
I love them they have me 😍😍
What`s so special about mirrors
They motivate me to shed a few pounds but don`t bother me
I hate them there`s some fatso staring back at me
It looks like one of the fun house mirrors that makes you fat
8. When you bend down how many rolls do you have?
9. Bend down what do you see
My feet duh
My toes
A fat stomach and the tips of your toes
Big breasts and a round hump of a belly
Huge boobs that block my huger stomach
10. What do you see when look down your shirt?
My ribs
Completely flat
A round and lumpy gut
Large gross breasts and lots of gushy giggly curves
Giant towers of fat that are boobs and a large bumpy field of grotesque fat hills
11. (Be honest) how much weight do you want to lose?
A pound or two
About 10
Between 15 and 50
A lot!!
12. How big are your breasts?
None I`m guy or little as a girl
Large and protruding
Watermelon sized
Giant giggly man boobs or folded bucket bra breasts
13. What do you think when you see someone fatter than you
That`s everyone so nothing
I make fun of them
The make me feel less fat
I know I`m not one to talk
That`s no one 😟😟
14. Lay on the ground and try to roll. What happens
It`s too bumpy to roll
I roll bumpy but stop after one roll
It`s pretty smooth! And I get going
It`s hard to get started but I`m good at it
I need a few people to start it but once I get started I never stop
15. Are your parents big?
No way
Ones a little chunky but the others not
They both got a few extra pounds
At least one of them is huge
They`re both jumbo!!
16. How many inches is your waist (belt size)
Below 27
17. What is your ideal weight
Just the way I am
90-135 just drop a few pounds
Less than 165 want to lose the "baby fat"
Break 200 I want to shed my blubber
It`s more than 100 pounds away so I`m not even sure
18. Which lunch sounds most appealing
Nothing I don`t eat
Tuna salad bottled water carrot sticks and a slice of coffe cake
Anything from Micky d`s
A bucket of chicken and a few candy bars
Hit an all you can eat buffet until they kick you out then stop at Burger King
19. What does your family say about you
That I need some food
They called me tubby once but that`s it
My siblings call me fatso when they are mad
They had a sit down talk with me about my weight
20. How much exercise do you get a day
Hours and hours
An hour
Half hour
An hour a week
Does flipping the tv and crunching potato chips count
21. How much exercise do you get a day
Hours and hours
An hour
Half hour
An hour a week
Does flipping the tv and crunching potato chips count

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