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How fat or skinny are you?
Are you anorexic, skinny, average, chubby, fat, or obese?

1. How many shomach rolls do you have?
Absolutely none.
2. How much do you weigh?
0-50 Pounds (0-22.5 kilograms).
51-100 Pounds (22.5- 45.3 kilograms).
101-150 Pounds (45.3- 68 kilos).
151-200 Pounds (68-90.7 kilos).
201-250 pounds (90.7- 113.4 kilos).
251-300 pounds (113.4- 136 kilos).
300+ pounds (136+ kilograms).
3. How much do you exercise daily?
I never stop.
3+ hours.
2 hours.
1 hour.
30-45 mins.
15 mins.
Does walking to the kitchen count?
4. How big is your bum? (Girls.)
What's that?
Maybe smaller than average.
Probably about average.
Bigger than normal women.
Jumbo sized!
Any size panties rip!
I'm a guy.
5. How big are your moobs? (Guys.)
What the heck are moobs?
I don't have moobs.
Not that big, but they got a little meat in them.
Sizey, but not too noticeable.
They can fit into a small bra!
They can fit into a giant bra!
I'm a woman.
6. How much time do you spend playing video games?
Does Kinect Sports count?
I hate video games.
Maybe once or twice a week.
Every other day.
Every day!
Several hours a day.
12 hours a day.
I can't look away for a second!
7. How does your tummy feel when you play with it?
Harder than a rock.
A little squishy and jiggly.
Soft, jiggly, huggable.
Very squishy.
Like a bean bag chair!
8. How much do you eat?
Take 1 bite and I'm done.
I nibble at things.
I eat till my plate's empty.
I eat till I'm full/stuffed.
Eat till my pants unbutton themselves.
I consume everything in sight!
9. What do you think you are?
Chubby all the way.
10. What do you normally do?
Play sports and work out.
I just go with the flow (won't affect score).
Play video games, watch TV, eat, and sleep.
I do whatever I really feel like doing. (Master Chief style!)
11. What do you think of gummy bears?
Not too big about them.
I like them.
I love them!
i stuff myself full of gummy!
I can eat a life-size gummy bear in 1 sitting!

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