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How fat is your belly?
Find out how fat your gut really is...

1. How much fat can you pinch on your belly?
A little bit
Quite a bit
A handful
Many handfuls!
Many people could grab handfuls!
2. Stand up and look down, how much of your feet can you see?
All of my feet, no belly in sight.
My belly covers a bit of my feet
I can see half my feet
Just my toes
The tips of my toes
Can`t see my feet
I don`t think I can stand up!
3. When you walk up stairs, how much does your belly jiggle?
None, I could do this all day!
A little bit
Quite a lot, getting tired!
I don`t walk up stairs
4. How many rolls of fat do you have when you sit?
Just one little roll
Two little rolls
One big role
One big role and a smaller role on top
Two large roles on my upper and lower belly
Too many to count
5. If you do have roles, where do the roles crease?
I told you I don`t have roles!
Just a little over my waist band
At my belly button
Massively over my waistband
At my belly button and over my waistband... a lot
6. Do you have stretch marks from weight gain?
I don`t gain weight
I don`t have any
A few small ones on my love handles
Visible ones on my love handles
On my belly and love handles
All over my belly
7. How far does your belly fold over your waist band if your wear jeans?
Not at all...
A bit
Maybe an inch or two?
Quite a bit but not as much as my love handles
Folds over a load all round my waist band
I can`t wear jeans
8. How deep is your belly button?
Finger nail deep
Half my finger
Nearly all of it
I have to pull back the fold of fat just to reach it
I can`t reach that far around!
9. How often do eat fatty snacks in a week?
Never, salad all the way.
Maybe a chocolate bar or two?
Some chocolate and crisps
Crisps, chocolate regularly
I gorge continuously on them

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