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What fast food restrant are you??
i was hungry so idk

1. You just got back from a basketball game and you are really hungry and need calories and need to eat where do you go?
I dont eat
something really fattening
something lean
Something spicy?
2. What is your style?
Big and Bold
small and puny
Average joe/jane
3. Are you fat?
Yeah, got a problem?
No i dont have any fat
average :)
4. On the go or a take your time person?
On the go 24/7
I am in between
more laid back and slow
5. Will you leave me a comment???
No you suck
hells yes
6. Do you even like fastfood(if not why the h3ll are you takin this quiz)
yes, that is my dinner every nite!!!
No i never eat
mhm kinda

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Times Taken:1,896
Created on:4/23/2008 7:57:27 PM
Made by:hyper_gurl12

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